Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This is New

I am in Kiev Ukraine...

Seven of us arrived yesterday after a long day of flying and lack of sleep. After a well needed night of rest, I am sitting in an apartment somewhere in Kiev... waiting for a phone call, saying when I should start walking to meet up with everyone.

This is new...

10:00AM Kiev

Monday, August 4, 2008



Relationships are the breath of life...

I am forever grateful for the bond that develops between two brothers/sisters when we relate to each other based on our value, rather than our behavior. When we live in humility, when we live selflessly, when we embrace uniqueness. When we go through life being able to learn and grow from others differences. When we learn and grow from similarity in struggles.

I am forever grateful for the bond of friendship.

Inspired by life.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Way to be Denver!

I am back home in NJ for the wedding, after being in Arvada for a week.

Denver airport has a shuttle that transports you to three different sections within close distance to your terminal/boarding gate. The shuttle plays these short, quirky musical clips followed by a generously animated description of where you are, and where to next location, all when arriving and leaving every stop.

I guess those in human resources at Denver International insisted these bubbly greetings would have a positive affect on the commonly stressed traveler. Well, it worked.

To add to this special musical service, Denver airport is flooded with guides wearing tan vests and cowboy hats ready at the hint of confusion or concern to help and "guide" travelers.

Scratching his head in confusion, a traveler looks east and west at the intersection of the north entrance of the food court. An airport guide senses concern and pokes his head around the corner asking, "Can I help you?" Boldly, the distressed traveler states, "bathroom!" The airport guide smiles and speaks a healthily trained description of the quickest and most direct route to the nearest lavatory within sight. Said traveler then writes about it in a blog.

YWAM is so great. I've been learning a lot, in the classroom setting, in the community, and just being alone with God.

I've also learned tuxedo rentals almost always look bad, no matter what kind of upgrade you may be willing to pay an extra ten dollars for. A penguin at a formal dinner party...

Friday, June 13, 2008

120...173 guys!

1982, Keith Green joins Jesus. 2008, I read 'No Compromise'. 

I highly value the impact one can make in a young mans life, 26 years after their death.

"When I die, I just want to be remembered as a Christian."
-Keith Green

I do too...

The Sandlot is on Youtube!